Affidavit of Lester


Interlard District Affidavit

I, Lester …………, being duly sworn, depose and say:

1. I am making this affidavit in support of the Petition for Alien Fiancée that my fiancée, Sherri …………, is filing on my behalf with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

2. I first met Sherri in 1974. We worked together at Guyana Fisheries, a business place on Water Street, in Georgetown, Guyana, and we became friends. Our friendship grew and we shared many happy times together until I left the work at Guyana Fisheries in search of another job with a better salary. In 1975 I gained employment with the Guyana Police Force and I was sent to many difference Police Stations in the Interior of Guyana. One day, when I was stationed at the Police headquarters in Kamarang, I was surprised to see Sherri walk into the Station to make enquiries about finding a location. Both of us were amazed and thrilled to meet each other again in such a remote area and we began to talk about what happened during the months we were away from each other. I found out that Sherri was married to a man named Roger ………… and that the marriage was not a happy one, as he was in the habit of abusing her physically every time she rebuked him for being unfaithful to her with other women in the area. After this first meeting with Sherri, she came to the station numerous times to report the more severe instances of physical abuse that her husband had inflicted on her and I would go to talk to him. Roger …………, as the Head master of the …………, was well respected due to his position, so I thought it best to speak to him instead of locking him up.

3. Sherri was hurting badly but tried to keep her marriage together. Despite her efforts, the marriage between Sherri and Roger was finally broken and, sometime in 1982, Sherri and I commenced living together for a period of five years. During that time, Sherri became pregnant with our child but, unfortunately, had a miscarriage. Soon after that, I was transferred to another location and we stopped our communications, due to distance and the unavailability of communication facilities (there were no telephones) in the location to which I had been transferred. However, even though I was far away from Sherri, I always loved her and always cared for her unchangingly. Sherri then went back to her husband, Roger …………, but he never changed. Whenever I came to Georgetown, I would meet her and we would go out.

4. In 1990, while I was in the Interior, I found out from one of Sherri’s cousins, Michelle, that Sherri had immigrated to the United State of America. When I received this news, I felt very sad because I thought that we might never meet again. However, the love we had for each other inspired me with hope that one day we might meet again. In 1999, while I was in Georgetown, I met Michelle and once again enquired about Sherri. Michelle told me that every time Sherri spoke with her Sherri asked her if she ever saw me. I give Michelle my telephone number and asked her to give it to Sherri to contact me. Sometime later Michelle called me and gave me Sherri’s work number. I called Sherri and we started talking to each other at her work place. Sherri told me that Roger was still very abusive to her and that she wanted to leave him.

5. We lost contact with each other sometime in 2001. In June of 2002 I received a telephone call from a woman named Wendy …………, who told me that she had come from New York to Guyana and was carrying a letter for me from Sherri …………. I collected this letter from Wendy and opened it: inside was a Card from Sherri informing me that she was planning to come to Guyana in August of 2002 and would like me to meet her at the airport. Sherri also provided me with her home telephone number and asked me to call her. I did so and she was happy to hear from me, just as I was glad to talk with her. I was then stationed in Linden.

6. Sherri and I frequently called each other on the telephone. When Sherri came to Guyana in August, as planned, I went to the airport to greet her. This time I knew that I would never let go of Sherri. During her eighteen days in Guyana, from 8th August to 25th August, we were constantly together and had a wonderful time. We both needed this time together, because it rekindled that deep love we have for each other that neither time nor distance could ever change. This visit prompted me to get a divorce, because I saw that my wife and I no longer loved each other, and I needed such love in my life; I received my divorce in March of this year. Both Sherri and I have divorced our respective spouses in order to be with each other. We speak on the telephone often and exchange postcards. Our relationship is a beautiful one with lots of memories that we would like to grow old together remembering. I love her and I know that she loves me.


Lester …………

Sworn to before me this

day of August 2003


Notary Public

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